When riding on the Polar Express, a question you will be asked is “What do you want for Christmas?”. But how many children answer this with “I don’t know” or have changed their answer since you last asked them.

When it comes to stocking filler gifts, the Polar Express online shop has the answers. Gifts specially recommended by Santa himself will be sure to delight and amaze on Christmas morning. No matter what your budget, the perfect Christmas gift is waiting for you at the North Pole Trading Company.


Our exclusive Polar Express stocking will look right at home on your Christmas mantelpiece. With a bell highlighting the countdown to Christmas, where better to put your stocking fillers? Santa’s face will beam merrily at you. You could even put your golden tickets in it or use it as an advent calendar. The possibilities are endless.

5. 2D Plastic Snowglobe - £6

Come Christmas morning, your child will be too distracted by the ‘snow’ in this beautiful Polar Express-themed snowglobe to notice whether or not there is snow outside the house! Featuring a Polar Express movie image and a plastic globe to reduce heartache if it is dropped, this stocking filler will make you say ‘Let it snow!’

4. Picture Puzzle Cube £6

Looking for that peace and quiet on Christmas morning may seem like an impossibility. But with this picture puzzle cube featuring scenes from the Polar Express, your child will be lost in recreating the magic. Although we cannot guarantee quiet, we can assure you that your children will be fascinated by this beautiful puzzle cube.

3. Stationery Set £5

If you’re looking for advent calendar presents that won’t break the bank, this cute stationery set with pen, pencil case and ‘Dear Santa’ list should be top of your list! If your child likes to write several drafts of a Christmas list before deciding on the perfect gifts, this is the perfect present for them.

2. Small soft toy £5

No stocking is complete without a new best friend! You can choose from an eagle or wolf if you’re looking for the film magic, or even a penguin (although they all live down at the other end...). With these beautiful and collectible soft toys, your children will delight when they see them in their stocking!

1.Deluxe Bell In Gift Box £11

This is the perfect gift for the toe of your stocking. Presented in stunning gift packaging and with a note inside from the Big Man himself, your child will feel like they’ve stepped right into the Polar Express book.